Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find answers to common Superior Hiking Shuttle questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Yes to both questions. We charge $5 per dog per ride on the shuttle. We ask that you keep dogs on the floor of the van and not on the upholstery. Upholstery is difficult to clean from dog hair. On the SHT itself, dogs are allowed as long as you clean up after them.
The posted times for every trailhead are our departure times and we attempt to get to every trailhead early. If scheduled hikers are not there we will attempt to call or text you.

If possible we may be able to wait a few more minutes. After attempting to reach you and possibly waiting a few minutes we will have to leave. This is why it is so important to know the trailhead location of your vehicle.

If the trailhead we are picking you up at is also your vehicle location, you are then not stranded and we can continue on our scheduled route knowing you are OK. You just missed the shuttle. If your vehicle is not at the pickup location we prefer that you give us an emergency contact number which we will call to let somebody else know that you did not make it to your designated pickup spot and you have no vehicle parked there.

All shuttle vehicles are plainly marked with the SHT logo. You can’t miss us!

Our fleet of four vehicles can accommodate up to 22 passengers simultaneously. People with reservations are guaranteed a ride. Walk-on hikers can only be picked up if we have extra seating. Groups of two or more are highly encouraged to have a reservation.
Shuttle rides outside of the seasonal Friday, Saturday, Sunday scheduled route are available with the Personalized Shuttle. Request a reservation to get your shuttle!
Reservations can be placed using our Reservation Request Form or calling us directly at 218-834-5511. If calling, please leave a message with your shuttle reservation date, time, number of riders and your contact details. We will review your reservation details and call back to confirm the shuttle reservation with you. **All shuttle rides require a cell phone confirmation**
Within the timed schedule, reservations are encouraged but not required. A reservation helps us in our planning to ensure we have enough vehicles to account for all hikers.

Any shuttle rides outside the regular schedule will require a reservation for our Personalized Shuttle.

If you call or email at least a week in advance, you should be ok. That gives us time to respond to you. Many customers have contacted us only 2-3 days in advance and have been helped. The old motto “the sooner, the better” applies here. Keep in mind seating is limited and a confirmed reservation guarantees a seat on the shuttle.
Cell phone confirmations are required for personalized shuttle service and are usually not necessary for the scheduled shuttle service. Having a cell phone confirmation allows us to notify you should there be any shuttle delays. Our business phone is a cell phone so you have the ability to connect with us while we are on the road.

*Keep Your Cell Phone Powered on While Waiting for the Shuttle*